#hotelathome Volume 6: Matcha Ganache Tarts

#hotelathome is brought to you by Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, to allow everyone to enjoy the elegant dishes of our hotel at home.

For Volume 6, we present a recipe perfect for the spring: matcha ganache tarts!

This recipe is made with store-bought tart crusts and without using the oven. It’s the simplest way to make a tart in your own home. Feel free to make this with your children, or use this as a snack while working from home.

Ingredients (serving size of a 15cm tart crust):
Store-bought tart shell (15cm) – 1
White chocolate – 160g
Matcha green tea – 7g (you could use 4g for a more child-sized version)
Heavy cream (35% fat) – 60g

Ingredient levels can be multiplied by the total number of tarts to get correct amounts for more than one tart.


1. Put the white chocolate in a metal bowl and melt over a double boiler.
Note: Cutting up the chocolate makes it easier to melt. Using thin chocolate bars also helps.
2. Add the matcha to the chocolate and keep stirring over the double boiler. Mix, making sure that the matcha doesn’t clump.
3. Put the heavy cream into a pot and heat until it boils.
4. Add the boiling cream to the bowl with the matcha and chocolate.
Note: Be sure not to over-mix during this step, as it can cause bubbles to form.
5. Pour the mixture into the tart crust, then refrigerate for 10 minutes.
6. Feel free to add powdered sugar or cumquats to your liking. And with that, you’re finished!