[Japanese Restaurant] Ozashiki-Asobi Plan

A plan combining your meal with traditional Ozashiki-Asobi
Ryotei Kinsui will be providing a combination plan of a meal and traditional Ozashiki-Asobi,
accompanied by traditional Geisha.
A great plan for entertaining foreign guests or enjoying new year and year-end parties.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

All year
*Blackout dates to apply.

5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
*Last order a 8 p.m.

4 people set plan: 200,000 yen
Additional meals: 25,000 yen per person
(Room fees, consumption taxes, service fees included)

*Drink charge additional
*As a special plan, this cannot be combined with other discounts or invitations.

Appetizer: Spring in full bloom colorful assorted vegetables
Soup: Japanese radish fashioned after cherry blossoms with mugwort arrowroot jelly, flower petal-shaped carrot, udo, touch of green, mushroom, yuzu
Sashimi: Cherry blossom Japanese radish, three assorted dishes of the day, garnishes, Tosa soy sauce, white vinegar
Braised dishes: Chinese yam, Domyouji green leaves, Dutch style scallop, shark fin jam
Grilled dishes: Roasted bamboo shoot, tilefish Wakasa-Yaki, grilled “Kuroge-Wagyu” beef sirloin
Today’s dish: Boiled sea bream head, burdock, spring flavors
Meal: Choose one of the following
*Rice of the day (domestic rice)
*Soba of the day
Last soup: White miso soup
Pickles: Three assorted pickles
Fruits: Assorted fruits
Dessert: Japanese sweets

*The above is a cherry blossom season menu. The menu will change every season.
*Contents may vary based on availability.

Ozashiki contents:
Ozashiki time 2 hours
Basic pattern 1 geisha, 1 assistant
Plus 54,000 yen per extra geisha (taxes included)
Plus 21,600 yen per extra hour (per person) (taxes included)
Reservation must be made at least 14 days prior to reservation date
Cancellation fee will be necessary if reservation date is 1 week away or nearer
7 to 5 days prior: 30%, 4 or 3 days prior: 50%, 2 days prior: 75%, 1 day prior: 100%
Other options are subject to negotiation.

A geisha will accompany you to entertain your guest with songs and dance, while serving your drinks. They will break the ice, assuring a lively night.

Reservations & Inquiries

Reservation desk

Phone +81 3 3943-5489

(9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)