Sea of Clouds in Tokyo and 1,000 Lights / Starting October 1st

An entirely new experience in the gardens of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The surroundings are defined in a new way as mountains, rivers, and valleys, the trees, flowers, and even wind and light glow within this garden. It is an environment that in day or night, beckons guests to the finest relaxation among the rich bounty of nature. Stop for a moment, breathe in deeply, and feel the heartbeat of nature itself in this place where time passes more slowly.

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Sea of Clouds in Tokyo

A sea of clouds the likes of which has never been seen in Tokyo

The phenomenon known as a “sea of clouds” is a miraculous sight that typically can be witnessed only when factors such as temperature, wind and atmospheric pressure align. Combining traditional and modern methods, we have recreated that magical scenery in the heart of Tokyo. Looking down from the buildings, a sea of mist spreads before the eyes, and stepping out into the garden transports guests into an illusory world. In the morning, the natural light glitters in the mist, and at night it shines under the moonlight. At times it even glows golden, welcoming guests to wholly unique setting.


One Thousand Lights

The illuminated night garden portrays the beauty of nature like never before

In this new program, our garden lighting effects have been updated for the first time in 12 years. With 1000 LED blubs casting their light on each tree, the night garden is shown as even more alluring. One thousand light flicker, shine, glimmer, and fade. Among the movements of these lights, the breath of nature can be felt among the shadows, giving a new feeling of life to the garden. Other locations in the garden such as the three-storied pagoda and Rakan stones, the garden paths and sacred tree, as well as Gojo Waterfall have spotlights cast on them for dramatic effect.

Hours: Sundown to 11:00 p.m.


Ten Thousand Camellia Trees

Recreating the Beloved Gardens of Yamagata Aritomo

This land was famous for its naturally-growing camellias as far back as the Nanboku-cho period. In the Meiji period, aristocrat Yamagata Aritomo visited the land frequently, and he purchased it in 1878, building a garden and residence on the land and naming it “Chinzanso,” meaning “villa on the hill of camellias.” Yamagata is believed to have taken great pride in retaining the landscape, nature-influenced architecture, and many camellia trees, but all these were sadly lost to air raids during the war.

In a 3-year plan culminating in 2022, we will plant 10,000 camellia trees in order to fully recreate the beautiful landscape said to have captivated people since the Muromachi period.


■Viewing the Sea of Clouds■

Access to the garden is available to visitors making direct use of the hotel facilities.

The flow and accumulation of the mist may be affected by factors such as weather, wind, humidity, and the temperature difference between the air and ground. We encourage guests to experience the Sea of Clouds on a variety of occasions.

While viewing the Sea of  Clouds within the garden, guests may sometimes find themselves enveloped in mist, at which point they should pause their movement. The mist tends to shift in form every 1 to 3 minutes, so please remain aware of the surroundings as you observe it.


Sea of Clouds in Tokyo Special Plans


Tokyo Sea of Clouds Garden Terrace Dinner


A menu of sweets to remind guests of the garden and the Sea of Clouds

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