Recommended Summer Events

Summer Garden Spectacle, The Ultimate Sea of Clouds

Period: From July 3rd (Mon.) to September 18th (Mon., holiday)

This summer, the amazingly immersive Tokyo Sea of Clouds is doubled in volume into the Ultimate Sea of Clouds, promising a refreshingly cool experience to visitors, who can experience and landscape like that of a classical Japanese painting.

  • Sweets based on the Ultimate Sea of Clouds

    Sales period: From July 3rd (Mon.) to September 18th (Mon., holiday)

    Lemon Tokyo Sea of Clouds Zuccotto:  900 yen

    Made with ricotta cheese custard cream and tender white sponge cake from eggs with white yolks and rice flour, the zuccottos are then topped with Chantilly cream and powdered sugar to suggest the flowing mists. Within the cassata cream, chocolate, dried fruits, and pistachios are scattered like gemstones balanced with the briskly tart lemon cream, creating an experience for both the eyes and tastebuds.

  • Wind Chime Path

    Period: From July 3rd (Mon.) to September 18th (Mon., holiday)

    Location: Within the garden, on the path leading from the waterwheel to Mokushundo

    300 Edo wind chimes, crafted using the traditional method prized since the Edo period, have been hung along a path in the garden. Their gentle sounds are sure to refresh you during the hot months of summer.

  • Bamboo Lantern Decorations

    Period: From July 3rd (Mon.) to September 18th (Mon., holiday)

    Hours: Sundown to 11:00 p.m.

    Location: 3 areas of the garden (camellia moss garden, path from the waterwheel to Mokushundo, and the floating garden)

    The night garden is illuminated by 40 bamboo stands and 14 hanging bamboo ornaments, casting it in gentle light. Highlighting the natural beauty of the garden, night strolls are made even calmer and more relaxing.

  • Tokyo Sea of Clouds Beer Terrace

    Raise a glass on a summer night, from our spacious terrace overlooking the urban forest.

  • Champagne Garden 2023

    Savor delicious free-flowing champagne in this year’s champagne garden. The splendid view of the garden is perfect for sipping champagne and snacking on hors d’oeuvres.