Dining Etiquette: How to Enjoy High-End Japanese Cuisine

One of the joys of any trip is tasting the local cuisine and encountering new, surprising flavors. Although the food is likely one of the things you most look forward to when visiting Japan, you may be worried about table manners. Since Japan is known as a country with particular rules of etiquette, it’s easy to think that you may unknowingly commit a faux pas.

First of all, let us reassure you that the staff at any dining facility in Japan wishes that their guests relax and enjoy the cuisine without worries. Making sure that guests have a pleasant experience is the first priority in Japan’s service culture.

On the other hand, visitors may wish to know some of the rules regarding dining etiquette in order to better understand Japanese culture and its values. In this article, we introduce basic Japanese dining etiquette, along with a few specific manners that apply to dining at more formal  Japanese restaurants called ryotei. 

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