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Treatment Menu

Facial Treatment

Immortelle Divine Secret (90 min.)

33,400 yen

An ideal treatment to combat skin-slackening of the face and neck, as well as the decollete area.

This exceptional anti-aging*1 facial uses lifting and contouring massage techniques with the fabulous properties of seven natural active ingredients, including organic Immortelle*2 essential oil and Myrtle*3. A radiant and youthful skin for a harmonious beauty!
The treatment boasts total care from full-face to collar, including cleansing, scrub, mask, and care of the area around the eyes, and lips for an exquisite relaxing experience.

*1 Care with regard to the age of the guest
*2 Helichrysum italicum plant oil
*3 Oil from myrtus communis
*Prices include consumption tax and service charge.

Body Treatment

Relaxing Aromachologie Treatment (60 min.)

26,500 yen

A highly popular body treatment at L'OCCITANE spas around the world, bringing relaxation to the entire body.

The history of L'OCCITANE began in 1976, when Olivier Baussan began selling essential oils extracted from rosemary using a traditional distiller. L'OCCITANE's modern treatments carry on that spirit, creating exquisite essences while expressing gratitude for the rich bounty of herbs and flowers that comprise them.
Essential oils in the treatment include natural lavender, geranium, sweet orange, bergamot orange, and mandarin orange.* Among the tender aroma of lavender, the treatment combines Swedish, Chinese, and Balinese massage techniques to reduce stress and tension. It excels in delivering relaxation easing the body and mind and encouraging a night of good sleep.

*Lavender oil, geranium oil, orange oil, bergamot orange oil, and mandarin orange peel oil are used in skin conditioning.
*Prices include consumption tax and service charge.

Body Treatment

Shea Nurturing Treatment (90 min.)

31,100 yen

A plan bringing together 4 kinds of treatments for an experience of the best the L'OCCITANE spa has to offer. Ideal for newcomers, or guests experiencing fatigue.

Oil gathered from the highly moisturizing shea butter (shea oil) gives skin a smooth and healthy shine. By combining slow strokes, firm pressure, and metabolism-increasing hot stones into the treatment, stress and muscle tension are relieved, imbuing the body with new vitality.

*Prices include consumption tax and service charge.

L'OCCITANE is a world-renowned cosmetics brand providing products with uniquely high-quality textures and scents inspired by the rich natural beauty of Provence, in Southern France. It operates spas all over the world using these cosmetics to create an environment of soothing aromas, tranquility and peace to free mind and body with the ultimate moment of relaxation. The “Spa by L'OCCITANE” is one of the three spa types they operate, with 70 locations worldwide (as of July, 2018). The spas are offered only in 5-star hotels, and YU, THE SPA by L'OCCITANE is their first to be opened in Japan, building upon extensive knowledge to bring the world of L'OCCITANE to Japan through special treatments.

A treatment combining Immortelle Divine Secret, the aging care treatment acting especially on the face, neck and collar to keep skin young and full of vitality, with a body massage enveloped in the fragrance of L'OCCITANE products selected based on the seasonal beauty of the gardens at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo to ease stress and enhance the balance of body and mind.

The spa offers four other treatments providing guests with the very finest in skin and body care.

From October 1st (Mon.) 2018
10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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