A feast for the senses

Nine restaurants with views serve seasonal fare masterfully prepared to bring out the flavor of fresh ingredients.

Restaurants at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Notes: Prices shown are examples only and prices include consumption tax, but a service charge will be collected separately. Please check each restaurant's page for menu details.

  • Ryotei Kinsui (kaiseki cuisine)

    Savor delicious seasonal cuisine, traditional hospitality and a picturesque lake view for dinner or business entertainment at this fine restaurant built in the traditional Sukiya style.

    • Lunch: from 12,800 yen (Weekdays)
      from 20,300 yen (Weekends and holidays)
    • Dinner: from 20,300 yen (private rooms only)
  • Il Teatro (Italian cuisine)

    In a dramatic setting with flowers, beautiful views and Venetian chandeliers, enjoy exquisitely presented authentic Italian cuisine.

    • Breakfast: from 2,300 yen
    • Lunch: from 6,300 yen (Weekdays)
      from 6,800 yen (Weekends and holidays)
    • Dinner: from 14,400 yen
    • Private rooms are available
  • Mokushundo (stone-grilled cuisine)

    Deep in a quiet corner of our gardens, this restaurant in an old renovated home serves iron-kettle kaiseki cuisine and traditional dishes stone grilled at your table. Private rooms are available.

    • Lunch: from 6,000 yen (Weekdays)
      from 6,900 yen (Weekends and holidays)
    • Dinner: from 11,700 yen〜
    • Private rooms are available
  • Miyuki (Japanese cuisine)

    Beautifully served kaiseki cuisine brings out the rich taste of natural ingredients in an elegant Japanese atmosphere. Sushi and teppanyaki are also served at the counters.

    • Breakfast: from 4,100 yen
    • Lunch: from 4,300 yen
    • Dinner: from 8,700 yen (Weekdays)
      from 10,700 yen (Weekends and holidays)
    • Private rooms are available
  • The Bistro (casual dining)

    Dine on anything from light snacks to full courses any hour of the day in a comfortable, open space overlooking the gardens.

    • A la carte: from 1,450 yen
    • Lunch: from 4,000 yen (Weekdays)
      from 5,400 yen (Weekends and holidays)
    • Dinner: from 7,700 yen
  • Le Jardin (lobby lounge)

    Our lobby lounge with a gorgeous view of rich greenery was the first in Tokyo to offer English-style Afternoon Tea. You can also enjoy cocktails in warm, sparkling candlelight.

    • Afternoon tea: from 5,950 yen
    • Coffee: from 1,300 yen
    • Cocktails: from 1,630 yen
  • Le Marquis (main bar)

    Relax in an adult atmosphere with elegant mahogany decor. Unwind with a cigar, snacks or drinks from our rich bar menu.

    • Wines: from 1,940 yen
    • Whisky: from 1,530 yen
    • Cocktails: from 1,630 yen
    • Hors d’oeuvres: from 1,540 yen
    • Private rooms are available.
  • Foresta (cafe)

    This bright café with a panoramic garden view is perfect for tea time or a quick meal.
    Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last order) on weekends and holidays

    • Cake: from 850 yen
    • Coffee: from 1,200 yen
    • Cake set: from 1,800 yen
  • Eel Restaurant UNAKIKU

    Hidden away within the verdant garden is a restaurant serving the traditional Edomae-style eel of Kikusuiro, which was established in 1893. Experience a menu of Tokyo-original eel dishes paired with the delicious local sake of Nara.

    • One eel rice box: 5,280 yen〜
    • Set menu: 4,070 yen〜
    • Special eel course: 12,100 yen
    • and more

    Internet reservations (From Mar. 6th)

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