Unforgettable seasonal beauty

Enjoy spring cherry blossoms, summer fireflies, autumn leaves or winter camellias in Tokyo’s most unlikely oasis.


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has a rich and colorful 700-year history intertwined with historic figures including prime minister Yamagata Aritomo and Haiku poet Matsuo Basho. Watch our movie for a closer look.

Garden walks

Stroll through our lush natural gardens that change with the seasons and feature various sites of historic interest. Or take our virtual tour.

Beauty in every season

Colorful flowers, stunning landscapes... our gardens are picturesque all year round.

Varied perspectives

Every guestroom, banquet room and restaurant reveals a different perspective on our extensive gardens, which change by the hour and season. Here are some special moments frozen in time.

A Spectacular Sight! Enjoy a Sea of Clouds at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Garden Tours: Discover the Secret History of Tokyo


Recharge amid Nature at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures


What's new

Read our blog or visit our Instagram page for the latest word on our gardens.

Serenity Garden

Serenity Garden offers scenic views of our forested areas and the city beyond, as well as a friendly dog park for guests and their canines.