Ryotei Kinsui (kaiseki cuisine)

From warm hospitality to delicious cuisine, the restaurant in this traditional Sukiya-style building overlooking Unkinchi pond offers a deeply satisfying dining experience.

In the garden
11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (last order 8 p.m.)

Lunch: from 10,200 yen (weekends and holidays from 16,700 yen)

Dinner: from 16,700 yen

Note: Prices shown do not include service fee (15% for lunch and 20% for dinner) or consumption tax.

Private rooms: 10 rooms with 2 to 60 seats each
Annex: 2 houses with 2 to 8 seats each
Private rooms

Guests of all ages can comfortably relax and chat in chairs or sunken kotatsu seats with garden views that give the impression of dining in the woods. It's the perfect setting for traditional Japanese wedding banquets.

Dress code
Please refrain from wearing yukata, shorts or sandals.

Meet our head chef and hostess

Kinsui head chef Keiichi Kato


Our Japanese cuisine is full of seasonal ingredients prepared to bring out their natural flavor and arranged to please the eyes. Delicious cuisine and warm hospitality help every guest unwind. Please use our restaurant for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings anniversaries and business entertainment.


Keiichi Kato
He joined Fujita Kanko in 1980 and initially worked at Osaka Taiko-En. From 1999 to 2019, he supervised Japanese cuisine for Miyuki restaurant and banquets at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. In addition, he was chief chef at Civic Sky Restaurant Chinzanso and Nogizaka dormitory, ensuring the cuisine matched customer needs on every occasion, whether banquet or private dinner. In 2019, he became the head chef at Kinsui.

Kinsui head hostess Mutsumi Shinmori


Kinsui restaurant opened in 1987 on the banks of Unkinchi Pond with a Sukiya-style architecture and has been serving traditional Japanese cuisine ever since. Customers feel at ease here on milestone occasions such as family celebrations and corporate events. With a time-honored spirit of hospitality, we warmly welcome all guests.


Mutsumi Shinmori
She joined Fujita Kanko in 1993 and worked at Osaka Taiko-En, where she became responsible for banquet services and worked at various establishments including the French restaurant, bar and Japanese restaurant. Then she served as the head hostess at Miyuki Japanese restaurant and became the head hostess at Kinsui in 2017. She also teaches etiquette.

Enjoy seasonal garden beauty in our private rooms

The restaurant is in a peaceful setting surrounded by nature where flowers bloom in every season and the sounds of waterfalls and singing birds can be heard. It's easy to forget you are in the center of a city while relaxing near the flowing spring water and dancing fireflies. Up to 60 guests can relax and dine in our traditional private rooms designated tangible cultural properties.

Authentic Japanese wedding banquets

Select ingredients, expertly prepared dishes and warm hospitality contribute to peaceful wedding banquets and cheerful conversation.


Reservations & Inquiries

Reservation desk

Phone: +81 3 3943-5489

(9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)