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Celebrate Camellias Through All Senses | Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Events

In Japan, the change of seasons is a reason for celebration. Going to a park to view the flowers in bloom or other seasonal highlights are widely loved activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Going to see cherry blossoms at the end of March or trees in November when their leaves turn ablaze are well known examples. These seasonal highlights are often celebrated through festivals, nighttime light-ups that enhance their beauty and create surreal scenery, as well as cuisine decorated with seasonal flower motifs. Irises, azaleas or hydrangeas are other well-known examples of flowers celebrated through festivals.

The garden of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a prime place to view camellias. Also known as “winter roses,” these graceful blooms bring a touch of color to the dry midwinter scenery. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo stands on Tsubakiyama, the “Camellia Mountain,” a historical location for camellia viewing. There are currently 2,300 camellia trees of more than one hundred varieties in Chinzanso Garden. In celebration of their 70th anniversary in 2022, the hotel plans to further increase the number of camellia trees and turn Chinzanso Garden into the ultimate camellia viewing spot in Tokyo.

For three weeks, from February 8 until February 29, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo celebrates camellia season through a series of events that let visitors enjoy the charm of these blooms. These include an impressive art installation that turns Chinzanso Garden into a camellia-themed picture scroll, seasonal menus, and a luxurious spa treatment using camellia oil, available year-round. These are just some of the reasons to visit Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo this winter.


Walk through a Camellia Picture Scroll! Tokyo Tsubaki Installation Art

The hilltop of Chinzanso Garden is the setting of a stunning art installation. A carpet of flowers cover the ground at the foot of the great mountain of camellia trees. 


One of the features that makes camellias so loved in Japan is that their petals don’t scatter. Camellia blooms fall on the ground in one piece when they wither. They are thus associated with cleanliness and purity. The carpet of camellias in Chinzanso Garden showcases the beauty of fallen camellias. With the camellia trees in bloom in the background, this installation makes the garden look like an enchanting picture scroll.


The installation can be viewed from 8:00 in the morning until 23:00 and will be lit-up after sunset, ideal for spectacular photographs. (*Please be aware that, in order to view the installation, garden visitors have to climb the hill on a rocky path with about 150 steps.)


The art installation also features a collaboration between Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and jewelry brand THE BLOSSO, called the ‘Camellia Stainless Steel Flower.’ Laid carefully in the moss beneath the trees, these bright red metal flowers enchant the forest floor with their elegant design. 

The Tokyo Tsubaki Installation Art in Chinzanso Garden can be viewed for free by hotel guests and restaurant patrons.


A Rejuvenating Treatment with Camellia Oil at YU, THE SPA

Camellia oil, especially oil obtained from the seeds of wild camellias and refined without the use of heat, is known for its moisturizing effects. YU, THE SPA, the excellent spa facility of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, offers a body treatment with camellia oil that can be enjoyed year-round. This 60-minute treatment includes a leg massage that improves stiffness and promotes blood circulation, and is ideal for hydrating the skin during the dry winter months. 


For more details on the premium treatments, hot springs, and other services available at YU, THE SPA, please refer to this article.


Gorgeous Camellias and the Sea of Clouds! Staying at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 

Your visit to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo during the camellia season will become an unforgettable memory with an overnight stay


In addition to viewing the camellias in full bloom and the hilltop art installation, you’ll be able to relish the Tokyo Sea of Clouds, as well as the dreamlike garden lit up at night. Staying for at least one night is a great chance to enjoy the time-limited seasonal menus available at the restaurants at leisure. To book a room, please check the official accommodation page of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, as well as the special offers.

Enjoy the Camellias at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The camellias in Chinzanso Garden look their most beautiful in February. Do come to enjoy the splendid blooms of more than 2,300 trees in the garden, along with an impressive art installation that celebrates their beauty, the sea of clouds, and the special menus offered by the hotel restaurants only at this time of the year. You will find that the dry winter landscape of Tokyo is enriched with a new appeal that fills us with wonder and gratitude for the beauty of nature.


Updated on February 01, 2024