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Coolest in Tokyo: Summer Events Exclusively at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Summer days are extremely hot in Japan. Because of the high levels of humidity, daytime temperatures feel even higher than they seem. In order to avoid heat exhaustion, it is customary for those living in Japan to flee to resorts in cool mountainous regions.

Thanks to its lush garden, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has always been an ideal summer retreat in the heart of the city. And with the addition of the Ultimate Sea of Clouds, which releases double the amount of cooling mist throughout the hot summer days, it actually feels up to 10°C degrees cooler in the garden than in the city.

In order to transform summer into a truly pleasant and magical season, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo holds a series of events that can be enjoyed by hotel guests, restaurant patrons, or shop visitors. Read on to learn more about the summer events and come enjoy this exciting season at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Summer Events at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The 2023 Summer Events take place from July 3 to September 18. Please visit the event page for further information, where you can find details for each event. 

A Summer-Only Feature: The Ultimate Sea of Clouds

The Tokyo Sea of Clouds, which has been a fixture of the garden since October 2020, becomes the Ultimate Sea of Clouds just for the summer. As previously mentioned, the amount of mist is doubled, promising a refreshingly cool experience to visitors. Chinzanso Garden also has streams and waterfalls, adding to the cooling effect. Visit this page for a detailed schedule of the sea of clouds.

Sounds of summer: Walk along a path lined with Japanese wind chimes

A special display of glass wind chimes, a distinctive element associated with summer in Japan, can be enjoyed in the area between the sacred 500-year-old tree and the waterwheel at the center of the garden. Three hundred traditional wind chimes will fill the air with their clear, tinkling sounds, reassuring us at every moment that we’re surrounded by a gentle breeze.

[2023 Summer Event Details]

Marvel at the bamboo lantern decorations

The bamboo lantern display, first introduced during the firefly season, continues into the summer months. See it in three different areas of the garden: the camellia moss garden, the path from the waterwheel to Mokushundo, and the floating garden. The night garden is illuminated by bamboo stands and hanging bamboo ornaments, casting the garden in a gentle glow and making night strolls even more relaxing. Visit the area behind the Three-Story Pagoda to be enshrouded in soothing lights that reflect moss–an artistic display inspired by Japanese traditions.

[2023 Summer Event Details]

Add a bit of fizz and pop: The Champagne Garden 

The Champagne Garden is a special summer event held in the Serenity Garden. Located on the rooftop, it offers one of the best vantage points of the Sea of Clouds along with the evening illuminations and bamboo lantern display. 

Guests can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and an all-you-can-drink menu of four different types of Champagne, as well as a variety of beer, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages. 

[2023 Champagne Garden Event Details]

Indulge in a pint: Tokyo Sea of Clouds Beer Terrace

Another summer favorite is the Tokyo Sea of Clouds Beer Terrace, held on our spacious terrace overlooking the expansive garden. In addition to beer, we serve beer cocktails, sparkling wine, whiskey, as well as nonalcoholic drinks. 

The food menu features a picnic basket packed with delicious snacks and appetizers that go great with beer. Relax while admiring the view over the Tokyo Sea of Clouds, one that can only be witnessed here.

[2023 Beer Terrace Event Details]

The Final Touch: Rent a ‘wagasa’

If you visit Chinzanso Garden during the day, don’t forget to borrow a ‘wagasa,’ or Japanese umbrella! These beautiful traditional umbrellas are lent for free so that visitors and guests protect themselves from the scorching sunbeams. Needless to say, these umbrellas are an excellent accessory for eye-catching photos and videos. We recommend the areas around Benkei Bridge, the Three-Story Pagoda, the wind chime path, or Shiratama Inari Shrine as backdrops for your shots.

Healthy, Gorgeous, and Energizing! Summer Menus

The restaurants of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offer seasonal menus that are a joy for both the eyes and the palate. Ryotei Kinsui and Miyuki enchant guests with seasonal menus that include traditional Japanese flavors.

One of the superb features of Japanese summer cuisine is the color contrast of the dishes and the plates they are offered in. Relish the cool colors of the plates–sky blue, aquamarine, vibrant green hues–which fend off heat exhaustion by reminding guests of refreshing streams, forest shade, and cool breezes.

Casual dining restaurant The Bistro offers courses made with ingredients considered superfoods for their rich nutritional content. Such vegetable superfoods are not only tasty, but will also give you a boost of energy during the hot summer months. 

Lobby lounge Le Jardin, well-known for its exquisite Afternoon Tea menus, offers a special summer menu centered around seasonal fruit. 

Those who wish to take home delicious souvenirs from Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo can stop by the hotel shop to pick up a variety of summer-themed sweets.

Don’t let this summer pass without special memories! If you live in the Tokyo area or are planning a visit, stop by Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo for a truly relaxing stay at a first-class hotel or for a memorable dining experience with magnificent garden views. The Tokyo Sea of Clouds is even cooler and more refreshing during this season, making Chinzanso Garden the ideal summer retreat. 

Updated on July 18, 2023