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Family Trips and Group Travel: Large Rooms at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

When planning a family trip to Japan, many visitors are concerned about the size and capacity of hotel rooms, particularly in densely populated cities like Tokyo. It’s well-known that standard hotel rooms tend to be compact, typically with two beds or one king bed. As a result, families or groups with four or more members often find themselves needing to book two separate rooms, which may be far away from one another.

This is where the spacious rooms and suites at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offer a welcome solution. Featuring connecting rooms that allow family members and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company while still maintaining individual privacy, our suites and large rooms are tailor-made for family trips. Below, we outline their key features for your consideration.

Family-Friendly Hotel in Tokyo: Suites and Large Rooms for Group Travel at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

1.Prime Deluxe Twin Room with Tatami Space

The Prime Deluxe Twin Room with Tatami Space spans 64 square meters and comprises a Western-style bedroom, a Japanese-style room, and a bathroom. The Japanese interior features shoji paper screens and tatami flooring, imbuing the space with a soothing natural fragrance.

In addition to the two twin beds, guests can use futon bedding in the tatami room, accommodating up to five people in total.

Sleeping on a futon reduces the risk of children falling, making this room ideal for families looking for kid-friendly places to stay in Japan.

The standout feature of the Prime Deluxe Twin Room with Tatami Space lies in its seamless blend of Western-style comfort with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Consider selecting this room for the initial phase of your trip, especially if family members are not accustomed to Japanese interiors. Gradually incorporating Japanese-style design can foster a deeper appreciation, and our Prime Deluxe Twin Room with Tatami Space serves as an ideal introduction.

2.Japanese Suite

Staying in the Japanese Suite at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the elegance of Japanese interiors. 

Both the living room and bedroom areas feature tatami flooring and are meticulously designed to evoke the ambiance of traditional tea ceremony rooms.

The suite has a tokonoma alcove – the most esteemed space in a Japanese house – as well as shoji paper screens, sliding doors, bamboo latticework, a sunken hearth, and a low table perfect for tea gatherings.

The tokonoma is decorated with a hanging scroll and objects used in Japanese tea ceremonies, enhancing the authenticity of the experience. Even the kitchenette is crafted in the style of a mizuya, the designated space where tea ceremony preparations unfold.

However, the bathroom of the Japanese Suite is Western, providing all the modern conveniences and comforts expected in contemporary bathrooms.

Covering an expansive 83 square meters, the Japanese suite accommodates up to six guests. The futon bedding is high quality and very comfortable. The hotel staff arranges the bedding in the room while guests dine or explore the garden.

An additional highlight of this suite is the breathtaking garden view, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The combination of refined Japanese interior design, the aroma of green tea and tatami mats, and the serene garden vista creates an immersive connection with nature.

3.Prime Premier Garden Suite

Spanning 138 square meters and accommodating up to six guests, the Prime Premier Garden Suite comprises a spacious family room and two bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom.

As the largest of all the standard suites available at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, it is fitting for family getaways, group travel, as well as meetings and special occasions.

The interior design of this suite exudes a timeless charm, ensuring that every guest feels warmly welcomed. The large windows offer breathtaking views of Chinzanso Garden and the city.

One bedroom features a luxurious king-sized bed, while the other is furnished with two comfortable twin beds. This arrangement makes the Prime Premier Garden Suite perfect for families seeking both togetherness and privacy, allowing parents and children to enjoy their own space while spending cherished moments together.

For more details on the types of rooms and suites available at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, please visit our Room & Suites page.

Hotel Rooms with Connecting Doors

In addition to the Prime Premier Garden Suites with two bedrooms, guests have the option to connect Prime Superior Rooms (each measuring 45 square meters) so that family members can freely move between the two rooms.


Available on every floor, Prime Superior Rooms with either city or garden views can be interconnected, allowing for flexibility and convenience. The connecting door can be securely closed and locked for added privacy as desired.

Each Prime Superior Room is furnished with either a king bed (measuring 200 cm × 183 cm) or two twin beds (measuring 200 cm × 120 cm), along with a spacious bathroom featuring separate shower, bath, and toilet facilities.

Our hotel rooms with connecting doors are particularly well-suited for families of four or more members, as well as for extended family trips, offering both comfort and practicality.

The Advantages of Booking a Large Room at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Given that standard hotel rooms in Japan typically accommodate up to three people, opting for connected rooms or a large interior with two bedrooms might be the best choice for groups and families of four or more looking for places to stay in Japan.

Not only does this arrangement afford each member their personal space and privacy, but it also ensures that everyone can unwind comfortably after a day of exploring Tokyo. The convenience of having two connected bedrooms, each equipped with a bathroom, further enhances the overall experience, providing added comfort and convenience during your family trip to Japan.

Moreover, family members can gather in the living room to have tea, watch television, or relish breakfast together. With the ample space afforded by our accommodations, parents need not worry about inconveniencing other guests, allowing them to feel at ease.

Make the most of our expansive suites and connecting rooms, along with the seasonal allure of Chinzanso Garden, a visit to our acclaimed spa facility, and memorable dining experiences at our restaurants.

Updated on May 31, 2024