Japanese Branded Beef Menus

Indulge in the selection of premium brand beef cuisine offered by our restaurants.
Savor the delicately sweet flavor and the mild texture that melt away on your palate.
  • 【Mokushundo】
    Special Stone-grilled beef kaiseki

    ・Today’s appetizers

    ・Kuroge Wagyu beef sushi

    ・Today’s warm dish

    ・Seafood of the day, scallop

    ・Kobe beef loin 200g

    ・Five kinds of vegetables

    ・Rice, Japanese pickles, miso soup
    (Rice can be changed to fried garlic rice+1,980, or buckwheat noodles+1,100)

    ・Assorted dessert

    Price  42,000 yen

  • 【Miyuki】
    Matsuzaka Beef Kaiseki

    Sea Urchin Tofu, Kochia Seed
    Squid with Sesame Oil, Makomo Mushroom, Black Chili Pepper Salt
    Icefish in Broth Jelly on Urui Leaves, Egg Vinegar, Salmon Roe
    Fried Young Sweetfish
    Horse Mackerel and Takana Leaf-rolled Perilla, Silvertip
    ・Clear Soup
    Runt and Great Yam, Bracken, Greens, Yuzu
    5 Kinds of Sashimi of the Day
    ・Japanese Beef
    Matsuzaka Beef Fillet, Vegetable Garnishes
    Boiled Leaf Wasabi
    ・Simmered Dish
    Bamboo Shoot in Fried Bean Curd, Wild Vegetable Savory Dashi Sauce, Wasabi, Japanese Sansho Pepper Leaf
    ・Vinegared Dish
    Roasted Mantis Shrimp, Vinegared Seaweed
    Water Shield, Lotus Root, Shredded Japanese Plum, Grated Sudachi Citrus, Perilla Flower
    3 Pieces of Sushi, Miso Soup

    Price  35,000 yen

  • 【Kinsui】
    Kobe Beef Kaiseki Course KITAYAMA

    Seasonal delicacies
    ・Clear Soup
    Clear soup withcrab seaweed tofu, water shield, shiitake mushroom, perilla somen noodlesand leaf buds
    made with water from the foothills of Mt. Atago, Kyoto Prefecture
    Three kinds of sashimi of the day served with homemade white ponzu vinegar jelly and soy sauce
    ・Simmered Dish
    Steamed eelwith grated lotus root, shrimp, edamame, wood ear mushroom, starchy sauce and wasabi
    ・Japanese Beef
    Broiled Kobe beef sirloin (100g),seasonal vegetables, condiments and tofu salad
    ・Vinegared Dish
    Deep-fried fig in sesame sauce, prosciutto and asparagus
    ・Choice of one
    Steamed rice with seasonal ingredients,redmiso soup
    Noodles of the day
    Three kinds of pickles
    Assorted fruits
    Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

    Price  34,200 yen

    Reservations for this menu should be placed 7 days in advance.

  • 【Miyuki】
    Kobe Beef Sukiyaki over Rice in a Lacquer Box

    The delicate fat of Kobe beef melts within the mouth, with deep umami and a warm sweetness.


    Kobe Beef Sukiyaki over Rice in a Lacquer Box(Kobe Beef 150g)

    Miso Soup

    Price  15,000 yen

  • 【Il Teatro】
    Kobe beef sirloin steak

    Kobe beef presents the ideal balance between tender meat and slight lines of fat, ideal for steak. Every bite is umami bliss.

    Price  1,8000 yen

  • 【The Bistro】Kobe beef sirloin cutlet sandwich with pickles

    Our Kobe beef cutlet sandwich is cut luxuriously thick. The fried beef is both tender and juicy.
    Between two crispy pieces of toast, this could be the perfect sandwich.

    Price  18,000 yen