Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Firefly Viewing Spots


  • From mid-May, the magical sight of the fireflies becomes visible in the garden. Visitors can enjoy their beautiful light dancing among the Tokyo Sea of Clouds.

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    To enter the garden from 6:30 p.m. or later, from May 19th to July 2nd, guests are asked to provide a card key (or room key)* obtained from a stay, restaurant, banquet, etc. or a QR Code page**, and use it with the code reader stationed at the garden entrance.
    Visitors not making use of the facilities may purchase a garden entry ticket in advance. (Adults or Children ages 13 and older: 2,000 yen, Children between ages 7 and 12: 1,000 yen***)

    * Staying guests may use their room key for access.
    **Visitors making use of restaurants or attending banquets should use their smartphones to read the garden entry QR code page provided at the hotel facilities.
    ***Tickets can be purchased from the garden entry ticket site.
    For Adults and Children ages of 13 and older
    ▶For Children between ages 7 and 12


・The fireflies may not be visible under certain weather conditions. We recommend viewing them after sunset.
・Please be aware that some content may be subject to change due to domestic and international circumstances.
・Kabukimon Gate will be closed for the time being.
・Flash photography or photography using tripods is not permitted.
・There may be a wait in order to avoid crowding in the garden.

Viewing Spots

  • Firefly


    Benkei Bridge, Firefly Stream, Kokosei Well,Water Wheel(Choshubaku)

    Watch the fireflies dance in the middle of Tokyo, among the entrancing night scenery.

  • Tokyo Sea of Clouds

    Tokyo Sea of Clouds

    Yusui Pond

    The Sea of Clouds, one of the largest garden mist displays in Japan, is accompanied by the fireflies.

  • Bamboo Lantern

    Bamboo Lantern

    Three-storied Pagoda / Path from Choshubaku to Mokushundo / Serenity Garden

    Experience a soothing respite with the glimmering light of bamboo lanterns.

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* Contents may be subject to change.