About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Why Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

A one-of-a-kind Japanese garden

The majestic garden of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is truly one of a kind, promising a breathtaking experience to guests in every season. From the snow-laced winter gardens, to the gentle spring breeze rustling among the spring blossoms, the verdant green and fireflies of summer, and the warm red autumn leaves, every visit to the garden is different from the last. History and culture abound along the garden paths that have been faithfully preserved by its various owners over the generations. Guests can pass by a three-story pagoda that is a national tangible cultural asset dating back to the Muromachi era (1338-1573), and a sacred tree said to be 500 years old.

Rooms combining European design with a touch of Japanese elegance

A vital part of a hotel stay is the room itself, and guests at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo will appreciate the refined European aesthetic of the rooms accented by Japanese sensibilities such as Arita-yaki porcelain. Garden View rooms overlook the picturesque garden, while the City View provides a vision of the vast metropolis. For a truly luxurious experience, nine fully unique suite rooms are available, such as the View Bath Suite that gives a panoramic view of the garden from the comfort of a warm bath. The rooms are regularly refurbished with new furnishings and functionality to guarantee guests satisfaction during their stay.

Tradition stemming from a rich history

The history of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo stretches back well over a century: it was acquired in 1878 by Yamagata Aritomo, former prime minister of Japan, when it was known simply as the “mountain of camellias.” Becoming the site of his residence, Yamagata invited many Meiji-era cultural figures and diplomats to admire the sights of the garden. The rich tradition of the land lives on to this very day, allowing guests to try on a kimono and stroll in the lush garden, participate in an authentic tea ceremony, and enjoy other sincere cultural experiences.

The ideal fusion of function and hospitality

Japan is famous across the world for its traditional brand of hospitality, “Omotenashi,” which offers careful consideration to the needs of the guest, from carefully selected amenities to cuisine showcasing Japan’s freshest seasonal flavors. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers its guests this trademark of Japan together with convenience and functionality meeting the highest expectations. Having provided 5-star service for decades, our hotel meets the strictest standards of service from both a Japanese and Western perspective.

A different flower to greet each visit

No matter when you choose to visit the hotel, the garden will be bright with the colors of seasonal flowers. In winter months, the hotel’s namesake, the camellia, is at its peak, while in spring the garden is famous for the 20 varieties of cherry blossoms blooming there. Other notable residents include plum blossoms and hydrangea. A leisurely walk in the garden, a meal at one of our 9 restaurants, or even a business meeting are all made memorable by the stunning view of the marvels of the season. Even on rainy days, the garden glistens with natural beauty observed from the comfort of the hotel lobby or lounge.

9 Restaurants with the finest in Japanese and European cuisine

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is the site of 9 restaurants offering sumptuous meals from the finest ingredients of the season, and delicacies carefully crafted by our chefs. Japanese stone-grilled restaurant Mokushundo lets guests taste tender beef grilled on lava stones from Mt. Fuji, and Kinsui serves traditional Kaiseki cuisine within an authentic Japanese “Ryotei.” Not to be outdone, the adorable afternoon tea of Le Jardin and expertly prepared Italian cuisine of Il Teatro are sure to make mouths water.

Diverse halls and conference rooms to suit any occasion

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is equipped with 38 meeting and banquet halls of varying sizes and layouts, from Grand Hall TSUBAKI, which can accommodate 2,000 people theatre-style, to the Chestnut Room ideal for a meeting or dinner of 10. This wide range of halls paired with the support of the hotel’s expert coordinators allows meetings, receptions, and activities to all be held under the same roof without a change in location. Unique, top-of-the-line facilities such as the only amphitheater facility in a hotel in Tokyo will ensure the success of important gatherings, and the view of the colorful gardens among the warm natural light is sure to make a lively backdrop for the occasion.

Unique facilities make gatherings unforgettable

Numerous one-of-a-kind locations at the hotel will impress clients or coworkers, transforming a typical function into an unprecedented event. Serenity Garden, the 5th floor suspended terrace, allows guests to mingle over drinks as they admire a majestic view of the garden below. Traditional Japanese buildings such as tea house Zangetsu and Ryotei Kinsui lend themselves to team-building activities such as traditional tea ceremonies, sushi-making or origami, impressing the uniqueness of Japan in a setting only Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo can provide.

YU, THE SPA offers award-winning relaxation

YU, THE SPA, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s acclaimed spa and pool area, offers every comfort to rejuvenate tired travelers, from soothing massage treatments to dips in the hot spring wooden bath filled with water couriered from the Izu peninsula. The pool with retractable ceiling allows guests to swim all year long under natural light, and a 24-hour gym can be used for exercise whenever desired. Recognized for its excellence by the Forbes Travel Guide, YU, THE SPA promises guests a first-class spa experience like none other in the city.

The forest-like retreat at the heart of Tokyo

No other hotel in Tokyo is surrounded by the idyllic beauty of nature while maintaining such convenience in access. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is located in the quiet residential neighborhood of Mejiro, within walking distance of three Metro stations and a short ride from stations such as Ginza, Tokyo, and Ikebukuro. The direct bus service “Airport Limousine Bus” is readily available from either Narita or Haneda airport, and the hotel is just a 15-minute taxi ride from the center of the city or other major locations.