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Our room service staff will be pleased to arrange for any special item not on the menu.
If availability is affected by weather or other such factors, we may replace certain items with equivalents from other regions.

To guests with food allergies 

To ensure that our guests enjoy our receptions, banquets, restaurants and room service, we exercise the utmost caution with food ingredients.
For details on our policies, please read the points of notice below.

Points of notice

We verify ingredients based on information received from the manufacturer.

Because we prepare food in our kitchen together with that from other menus, there is a possibility that during processing or cooking, minute amounts of allergic substances may be mixed in with meals.

We ask that guests please be aware of the above conditions when dining with us.

All prices are in Japanese yen. Prices include consumption tax, but a service charge of 15% will be collected separately.

*Some services currently unavailable.

NIGHT OWL MENUServed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (L.O.5:00 a.m.)

Salad / Soup

Marinated salmon


(V)Romaine lettuce and mesclun green saladwith your choice of dressing: French, balsamic, or non-oil soy dressing


Traditional Caesar salad


Additional topping on your mesclun or Caesar salad: chicken, shrimp or prosciutto +




(V) Vegetable minestrone soup


Sandwich / Curry / Pasta

Clubhouse sandwich with vegetable pickles


(V) Ricotta cheese, herb, tomato and zucchini sandwich with mélange salad


Beef burger or cheeseburger (cheddar or blue cheese) with mélange salad


Japanese classic beef curry with steamed rice


Japanese classic curry with steamed rice: chicken or vegetables


Seafood spaghetti with tomato sauce


Japanese home-style cooking

Onigiri rice balls with miso soup, ginger-simmered beef in sweetened soy sauce, grilled salmon and plum pickles


Ochazuke: rice in soup stock with grilled salmon and plum pickles


Chilled soba noodles with dipping sauce served with condiments


Chilled udon noodles with dipping sauce served with condiments


Cheese / Dessert

Assorted cheese


Ice cream or sherbet (3 scoops)


(V) Assorted fresh fruits


(V) Vegetarian Cuisine

We only use tice grown in Japan for all our dishes