Limited time only, guaranteed splendid garden view,
The Tokyo Sea of Clouds Restaurant

The Tokyo Sea of Clouds Restaurant features a splendid view of the garden, with an incredible vision of the sea of clouds the likes of which can only be viewed here, and the chef's special dinner course filled with seasonal delicacies.

*Information about the start of next reservations will be announced on the official website in mid-July, 2024.
A location overlooking the Tokyo Sea of Clouds

Held on specific days
6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (last order)

*Hours differ by date.


Dinner: from 17,500 yen

*Dinner price includes consumption tax and service charge. Drinks served on the date will require a separate 15% service charge.

Dress code

Please refrain from wearing yukata, shorts or sandals.
*Guests of age 13 and older may enter the event and dine on the same cuisine as adults.

Meet our chef

Executive ChefMasayuki Judai


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s long-cherished traditional French cuisine has been given a modern twist to enjoy with all the senses. It’s the perfect meal to enjoy with someone dear to you while admiring the Tokyo Sea of Clouds.


Joined the company in 1986. After preparing food for weddings and banquets at Chinzanso (now Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo), he gained experience with French cuisine in external locations such as Chinzanso Yaesu, French restaurant Camellia, and Kyoto International Hotel. In 2015, he became head chef of the Banquet Building at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

Senior Chinese Chef Masayuki Kawashima


Soup is key to delicious cuisine, and the base of my cuisine is the soup I learned in training at the Diaoyutai Guesthouse in China. I use Yakuzen techniques to deliver flavors that the body craves in each season to make it especially delicious. I hope guests will enjoy the restoring aspects of the cuisine while gazing at the Tokyo Sea of Clouds.


Joined the company in 2000. Worked as chef for Chinese restaurant Yogensai at Four Seasons Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (now Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo). Prepared Western and Chinese food for weddings and banquets. In 2016, he was appointed head chef of Chinese cuisine at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

The Tokyo Sea of Clouds Restaurant was created so that guests might enjoy their meal while taking in a special view of the Tokyo Sea of Clouds and One Thousand Lights. The magical vision adds to the meal, and is perfect for special dinners or anniversaries.


Reservations & Inquiries

Reservation desk

Phone: +81 3 3943-5489

(10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)