Beauty in every season

Every season shines in our forested gardens.


When spring arrives, cherry blossoms paint the garden a light pink to celebrate the arrival of warm weather.

[Mar to April] Cherry blossoms, Azaleas

Blooming calendar

Early to March      Spring arrives soon after Kawazu and Kanhi cherry trees start blooming in February.

  • Kuromoji (Lindera)

    Location: Next to Ebisu (One of Seven Gods of Good Fortune)

  • Kanhi cherry

    Location: Around MORI NO MIYA garden sanctuary

  • Shuzenji Kanzakura cherry

    Location: Verde Terrace

  • Japanese cornel

    Location: Near the waterwheel and the three-story pagoda

Mid March to late March      Around 120 cherry trees of 20 varieties fully bloom during this period.

  • Okame cherry

    Location: Around Unkinchi Pond

  • Yoko cherry

    Location: Next to Chapel Vent Vert

  • Miyabi cherry

    Location: Along the steps of Hotaru-zawa

  • Tokai cherry

    Location: Around Koshin Stone Monument

Late March to early April      Along with 120 or so cherry trees of 20 varieties, 1,000 camellias of 100 varieties from all over the country are in bloom.

  • Somei Yoshino cherry

    Locations: Various areas including near the three-story pagoda

  • Camellia

    Location: Various areas

  • Yaebeni Shidare cherry

    Location: Kokosei Well

Mid April      Yaebeni Shidare cherry blossoms reach their peak just as Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms scatter in the gardens, which are gradually becoming greener.

  • Black camellia

    Location: Choshubaku (water wheel)

  • Asebi (Japanese andromeda)

    Location: Next to Ebisu (One of Seven Gods of Good Fortune)

Late April      The gardens begin making their transformation from spring to summer colors.

  • Marigold

    Location: Restaurant Kinsui entrance

  • Milkweed

    Location: Various areas

  • Peony

    Location: Kokosei Well