Beauty in every season

Every season shines in our forested gardens.


Thrill your eyes with fluttering fireflies in early summer when hydrangeas stop blooming and trees start growing thick with green leaves.

[May] Kakitsubata [June] Hydrangea [Jul -Aug] Crapemyrtle

Blooming calendar

Early May      Fresh breezes blow in May when the greenery shines and summer flowers bloom.

  • Azalea

    Location: Various areas

  • Ayame

    Location: Yusuichi Pond

  • Kurume azalea

    Location: Yusuichi Pond

Late May to early June      This is the best season to see many fireflies at night.

  • Natsu mikan citrus

    Location: Around Koshin Stone Monument

  • Hydrangea

    Location: Various areas

  • Watercress

    Location: Kokosei Well

Mid June to mid July      High summer begins as the rainy season ends.

  • Early summer wild grass

    Location: Various areas

  • Pentas

    Location: Around the Vent Vert chapel

Mid to late August      The weather remains warm, but signs of autumn start appearing here and there.

  • Crapemyrtle

    Location: Around Zangetsu Choshotei