Garden Walk 2Yusuichi Pond ⇒ Three-Story Pagoda ⇒ Goshinboku (sacred tree)

09 Historic Entsukaku Three-story Pagoda

Relocated in 1925 from a temple in Hiroshima Prefecture, this legendary pagoda is said to have existed since around the 12th century. Tests show that many of its materials date from circa 1420. During a major renovation, it was consecrated in honor of Kanzeon Bosatsu, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

What is Entsu?

The "Entsu" in "Entsukaku" is another name for Kanzeon Bosatsu, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

Steps lead down from the pagoda to Yusuichi Pond, which is surrounded by bamboo rails handmade by our gardeners. If you look around, you can find goddess of wisdom Benzaiten and god of luck Fukurokuju.

10 Hannyaji Temple Stone Lantern

This stone lantern from the late Kamakura period (14th century) has been praised by tea experts and landscapers as a masterpiece of the Hannyaji style. There have been many imitations since, but research shows it to be authentic.

11 Mizubachi Water Basin and carriage stone

This water basin was relocated from a mountain pass in Kyoto, where travelers stopped their oxcarts to drink fresh water flowing from within.

Three-story Pagoda with cherry tree and Bishamonten

A large Someiyoshino cherry tree adjacent to the pagoda blooms beautifully in spring to create a picturesque scene. A statue of Bishamonten is also nearby.

12 Shiratama Inari Shrine

This shrine was transferred in 1924 from Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto to Chinzanso, where it became the area's guardian deity.

13 Former site of Mucha-an

Secluded in a quiet, forested garden since the Muromachi period (the early 14th to late 16th centuries), founder Eiichi Ogawa named the teahouse on the garden grounds Mucha-an. From March 15th 2023, the site will be used as the first Tokyo location of Nara Kikusuiro Unagiku, serving Edomae-style eel along with fine Nara sake.

14 Camellia Hill (Tsubakiyama)

This hill where wild camellias have grown since ancient times was a scenic attraction in the Edo period. Many famous species of camellias have been planted here since.

15 Goshinboku (sacred tree)

The oldest chinquapin tree at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is about 500 years old with a trunk 4.5 meters in circumference and a height of around 20 meters.