Beauty in every season

Every season shines in our forested gardens.


Colorful falling leaves catch your eyes as wild starlings and white-eyes bring familiar songs to your ears.

[Sep to Oct] Seven fall flowers [Nov] Colorful foliage

Blooming calendar

Early Oct to early Nov      Nature fascinates the senses with colorful leaves and the sweet, nostalgic songs of starlings and white-eyes.

  • Red spider lily

    Location: Around Taiko Bridge

  • Camellia

    Location: Various areas

  • Jugatsu cherry

    Location: Around Sky Terrace

Mid Nov to early Dec      The ground and stone lanterns are colorfully blanketed with fallen leaves.

  • Autumn foliage

    Location: Various areas

  • Fuyu cherry

    Location: Around Sky Terrace and Verde Terrace

  • Falling Miyabi cherry

    Location: Around the Vent Vert chapel

  • Iroha Momiji (Japanese maple)

    Location: Various parts