Recommended Summer Events

  • Ultimate Sea of Clouds

    The Tokyo Sea of Clouds becomes the Ultimate Sea of Clouds during the summer with doubled mist, promising a refreshing experience for guests.

    Period: From July 1st (Mon.) to September 12th (Thu.)

    Location: Garden

  • Sea of Clouds Splash

    A garden spectacle with the feeling of a water park attraction! Like drops of water scattering from a waterfall, the Sea of Clouds mist splashes out! On sunny days, the light refraction can cause rainbows, while the area is lit blue after sunset.

    Period: From July 1st (Mon.) to September 12th (Thu.)
    Time: 11:10 a.m./1:10 p.m./3:10 p.m./5:10 p.m./7:10 p.m./9:10 p.m.
    Location: Garden

  • Bamboo Lantern Decorations

    Period:  ~September 12th (Thu.)

    Hours: Sundown to 11:00 p.m.

    Location: 3 areas of the garden (camellia moss garden, path from the waterwheel to Mokushundo, and the floating garden)

    The night garden is illuminated by 40 bamboo stands and 14 hanging bamboo ornaments, casting it in gentle light. Highlighting the natural beauty of the garden, night strolls are made even calmer and more relaxing.

  • Wind Chime Path

    Period: From July 1st (Mon.) to September 12th (Thu.)

    Location: Within the garden, on the path leading from the waterwheel to Mokushundo

    300 Edo wind chimes, crafted using the traditional method prized since the Edo period, have been hung along a path in the garden. Their gentle sounds are sure to refresh you during the hot months of summer.

  • Tokyo Sea of Clouds & Night Bubble Show

    Guinness record-achieving bubble artist Shabondama Ojisan comes to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo!

    The incredible fusion of the Tokyo Sea of Clouds, one of Japan’s largest mist garden spectacles, and the rainbow-shimmering bubbles is a sight to behold. This beautiful bubble show adorns the night sky like an array of precious gems.

    Period: From August 14th  (Wed.) to September 17th (Sat.)

  • Twilight Bubble Terrace

    Escape to our garden terrace oasis and savor a world of sparkling wines paired with an amuse-bouche plate.

  • Mejiro Woods Beer Festival

    Enjoy an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with our free-flow service, including draft beer, craft beer, beer cocktails, and whiskey.